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​Johnson & Johnson reported a cumulative savings of over 250 million throughout the past decade due to the establishment of the employee health and wellness program. *Berry, Mirabito, and Baun, Harvard Business Review, 2010 

Lowes Home Improvement “Quit Steps” smoking cessation program, implemented in 2011, saves employees $50 a month on insurance premiums.

Why use Total Nutrition Technology’s Corporate Wellness Program?

  • Since 1993, TNT has been helping thousands of individuals lose weight, manage their health and enhance their sports performance. Our corporate wellness division helps businesses improve the health of their workforce and decrease health insurance costs.
  • We have the ability to provide comprehensive and customized wellness services to your company, including both participatory and outcome based programs.
  • Regardless of your business size, we have the ability and tools to successfully carry out our services and programs both remotely and on-site.  
  • Measureable results are important! We provide comprehensive reporting so you can see just how valuable your corporate wellness benefit is to your employees. Our staff includes, licensed and registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, and certified TNT health educators.
  • TNT is in full compliance with the state of North Carolina weight management guidelines and North Carolina Board of Dietetics.
  • We are a fully credentialed Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance provider and physician endorsed.
  • Insurance coverage option for key services 
  • Employee HSA/FSA reimbursement accepted

Why Corporate Wellness?

Companies that have implemented a comprehensive corporate wellness program have seen substantial savings in health care costs for the company, as much as 20 percent or $2,000 less per employee, according to the 2010 Towers Watson Health Care Cost Survey. In addition to health care cost savings, improved health within a workforce increases productivity, reduces absenteeism due to illness, helps employees better manage their stress and offers employees an appealing benefit program. 

With the new rewards and incentives offered by the Affordable Care Act, corporate wellness is now more than ever becoming a standard component of company benefit packages. Not only is it good business, but investing in the health of your workforce has been proven to show a positive difference in productivity and your bottom line. 

Above and beyond the cost savings, you can expect the following benefits from a healthier workforce: 

  • Higher worker productivity and increased energy levels 
  • Higher worker morale and mental clarity 
  • Reduced absenteeism due to illness or injury 
  • Reduced absenteeism due to wellness check-ups 
  • Reduced workers compensation claims 
  • Lower overall employer insurance cost 
  • Benefit program that attracts and retains talent 

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
- Benjamin Franklin