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Group Fitness Classes 

Group fitness is a great way to get your workforce up and moving during the workday. Perfect for energizing the employees and building teamwork. Your choices of classes, include Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp and Meditation. All classes are administered by a certified instructor. 

Corporate Motivational Challenges 

To motivate and incentivize your workforce, TNT can customize 10 week health challenges. Challenges may vary from fitness, wellness or weight loss. Those that participate will receive weekly coaching tips and motivation geared specifically to their challenge. This is above and beyond any 1:1 coaching. Before and after testing will be geared specifically to the type of challenge employees are participating. At the conclusion, we will give prizes to all participants and additional prizes for the challenge winners. Challenges can be conducted weekly either on or off-site for a 10-week period.  


Make-Over Services 

We are all about promoting what you preach! And that means not just preaching a healthy lifestyle, but promoting a healthy employee working environment. Healthy breakrooms, cafeterias, offices and fitness centers will help you maximize your corporate wellness program. Our make-overs help company’s promote a healthy work environment. 

Family of Employee 

Support and encouragement from home is often crucial to the success of any wellness program. For this reason we offer a 10% discount to all family members on all of our products and services so they may start a healthy lifestyle together.  

Company Health Fairs

With years of experience, TNT can help coordinate your next employee health fair regardless of size. We can assist in screening of vendors, setting up contests, give nutrition seminars on topics that are relevant to your workforce and even orchestrate a get moving interactive fitness demo.

Comprehensive Testing and Results Metrics 

My own journey to achieving success in business has given me insight into the many challenges inherent in sales. This enables me to bring to the process a high level of awareness, respect, and understanding. 

Metabolic testing

This is a 10 minute, non-invasive test to determine how efficient your body is at metabolizing food and what amount of calories your body needs per day in order to attain your health goal. This service, although not mandatory, will help aid in the development of a customized plan for each employee. This service can be conducted at your company or at any of our nine TNT office locations. 

1:1 Coaching Sessions 

Coaching sessions include goal setting, behavior modification techniques, on-going assessments, accountability and support. These sessions are conducted by a TNT registered dietitian or TNT certified health educator and can be done on-site, at one of our TNT locations or virtually through Skype. 

Customized Nutrition Plans 

Nutrition plans are created by using information from baseline biometric screening results and a detailed 1:1 Health Assessment. Customized plans are created by our team of TNT registered dietitians and include a personalized nutrition plan, exercise guidelines, recipes and grocery list. Plans are based on specific goals, food preferences, exercise choices and lifestyle. 

Skill Building Workshops

We offer group workshops covering popular topics, such as Optimizing your health with nutrition, Mastering your metabolism, The art of mindful eating, Eliminating sugar, just to name a few. Choose from over 50 topics or we can create one specific to your employees’ needs. Administered by TNT registered dietitians and TNT certified health educators, this is a highly effective way to ensure large groups of your workforce not only become informed, but motivated to make a change. Conducted onsite or via remote/virtual services. 

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